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From Hobby to Sudsy Sensation: The DirtyBitsSoapery Story

From Hobby to Sudsy Sensation: The DirtyBitsSoapery Story
Hey there, soap aficionados and suds enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered how a simple hobby can evolve into something that keeps your "dirty bits" sparkling clean? Well, let us take you on a sudsy journey through the fascinating world of DirtyBitsSoapery, where soap isn't just a cleansing product – it's a family tradition and a labor of love!

Meet the Hanna Family – a bunch of creative minds originally hailing from the vibrant city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. But here's the twist: their roots in Del Norte go back to 1884, when the original cabin property was established. Talk about a historical connection that's as enduring as their soap!

Fast forward a few decades to when the creative sparks began to fly. About 15 years ago, Brenda – the matriarch of the clan – embarked on a soap-making adventure as a hobby. Who knew that those early experiments with soap would lay the foundation for something bigger and bubblier?

In 2012, the Hannas took a leap of faith and relocated to Del Norte, with Kira – the adventurous soul – trailing to Denver in 2013. This change of scenery brought new inspirations, and Brenda's soap-making journey continued. It wasn't until 2020, in the midst of a pandemic that had us all washing our hands more than ever, that she decided to turn her beloved hobby into a full-blown business.

Starting from local farmers markets and community events, DirtyBitsSoapery bubbled its way into the hearts of locals. The Hannas weren't satisfied with just that – they wanted to give their soaps a home in the bustling heart of downtown Del Norte. And that's how their charming brick-and-mortar store came into being, bringing fragrant soaps, bath bombs, and specialty creations to delight all senses.

But wait, it doesn't end there! The Hanna family is more than just soap – they're a force for good. With a commitment as strong as the lather they create, the Hannas are all about sustainability, cruelty-free practices, and a vegan way of life. They've even gone the extra mile to ensure their business model is as close to zero-waste as possible. Now that's a clean slate!

Nestled in the heart of Del Norte, the DirtyBitsSoapery shop isn't just a place to pick up amazing products; it's a hub for building relationships with the community. Whether you stroll in through the front door or find your way into their virtual realm online, you're guaranteed a warm welcome and a genuine connection.

To all you lovely folks who have supported the Hanna family on this soapy adventure, a heartfelt thank you! Your love and enthusiasm fuel their creative spirits and keep their business flourishing. With the Hannas and the earth working together, they're not just creating soap – they're crafting a sustainable and sensational experience that's sure to leave you feeling refreshed and delighted.

So, whether you're a Del Norte local or a virtual visitor, the Hannas invite you to suds up, shop, and soak in the joyful journey that is DirtyBitsSoapery. Embrace the bubbly goodness, and remember – they're here to help keep yer Dirty Bits clean!
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